Unlock the Data

March 22nd, 2018

From the people who have not yet been introduced to Avant-garde Health, we frequently get asked what we do. Answer: We help improve quality and profitability across the care continuum. Maybe you went to our landing page and read that too.

But even more fundamentally, we unlock data – the data you already have been accumulating over time. Data from the EMR, from PROs, and from CMS. Data from accounting, from procurement, and from finance. Data that’s locked in disparate sources across the organization.

It’s all being collected, yet physicians and administrators either have no transparency into it, access to it can take weeks, or they have to wait for a scheduled team meeting for a report. That’s why Avant-garde Health was founded. Our data scientists aggregate all this data, clean it, normalize it, risk-adjust it, analyze it, benchmark it, present it, and bring meaning to it so health systems can act upon it with a level of trust they have not had before. And once it’s accurately imported, it’s available to users with a click.

In our next webinar on March 28th, we’ve invited Lisa Wied, VP of Operations for Gundersen Health to share her Avant-garde Health story. She will explain how the national benchmarks from our network of providers helped her identify clinical metrics that represented an opportunity for improvement. In one dashboard, she was able to show physicians the process metrics where other hospitals were performing at a higher rate. This insight fueled an improvement plan and, through a team effort, drove change across the department. And change resulted in significantly reduced costs across the continuum of care.

For health systems committed to reducing the cost per case, especially those who applied for BPCI Advanced, using advanced analytics to drive action plans is key to success. We invite you to join us to hear the Gundersen story and to learn how health systems, regardless if they are in a bundled payment model or not, can reach their cost and quality goals.


Does Your Health System Have An Innovation Office?

March 30th, 2018

In a Harvard Business Review piece this week, Avant-garde Health CEO Derek Haas along with advisors Dr. Michael Jellinek from Harvard Medical School and Professor Robert Kaplan from Harvard Business School offered their thoughts on the benefit of a centralized innovation budget.

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