Transforming Surgical Care – Make Value-Based Care a Reality


Given the U.S. healthcare system is rapidly changing, it is paramount for healthcare providers to shift away from volume-based care and implement value-based care. Measuring efficiency can provide a surrogate measure of value. The definition proposed by Professor Porter makes value-based care measurable and actionable: improving outcomes and reducing treatment costs.

Leveraging two example surgical procedures – hernia repair and rotator cuff repair and based on the experiences of Boston Hernia and Avant-garde Health, we summarize the core steps to improve outcomes and reduce costs. Equipped with these proven methods and tools, we will be able to further transform surgical care and make value-based care a reality.

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Predictive healthcare analytics to reduce costs and optimize patient care

Avant-garde Health transforms data & insights into actions, and we help our clients achieve real cost savings by utilizing Time-Driven-Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) to identify key drivers for cost-savings.

Image of doctor showing charts
Image of doctor showing charts

Capture Clinical Insights to reduce 90-day readmission rates by 15%

Dive deeper into outcomes such as length of stay, readmissions, complications, and patient reported key metrics to improve clinical practices.

Understand your operations, improve your service, cut your costs

Your success is our #1 priority and we have a strong Customer Success Team that will help you create the playbook to execute on the opportunities and drive real tangible results.

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Healthcare Data Analytics Done Right

Avant-garde Health was born out of the Harvard Business School’s value-based health care delivery research, led by Professors Michael Porter and Robert Kaplan. Our growing team is backed by a group of leading investors, and we are dedicated to transforming health care delivery for years to come.