BPCI Advanced Webinar: Target Price Methodology

February 14th, 2018

Physician Arms Crossed

It’s been over a month since CMS announced BPCI Advanced and less than a month left to meet the application deadline. At Avant-garde Health, our analysts continue to help health systems evaluate the financial opportunities available to them within the 32 episodes of care being covered by this new voluntary bundle payment model.

As one of the few health care organizations that regularly analyze Medicare data, we have the ability to benchmark performance against peer institutions as well as calculate regional averages related to post-acute care spending. These individualized insights are helping hospital leaders evaluate their potential to succeed in BPCI Advanced. Yes, the application process is underway, but there’s still time to analyze your organization’s opportunities and begin the application process with us.

In our ongoing webinar series, there have been many questions related to the target price, a figure that will be set by CMS after applications have been submitted. Different from the first BPCI model which is expiring in October, the new BPCI Advanced model uses a calculation that uses a combination of factors including peer averages for costs of episode as well as historic spending data specific to your organization. Recently, CMS made available more details on how the target price will be determined for each organization. Avant-garde Health analysts have reviewed the lengthy document and will host a discussion during our next webinar on Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 3:00pm EST. A 30-minute presentation will be followed by 15 minutes of Q&A.

BPCI Advanced was developed to “to align incentives among participating health care providers for reducing expenditures and improving quality of care.” If your organization is committed to improving quality and profitability, you should be considering the benefits of BPCI advanced. To learn more, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER for our next webinar now.


Are You Applying for BPCI Advanced?

February 28th, 2018

For many health systems, the BPCI Advanced application process is well underway to meet the approaching March 12 deadline. Over the past month, we’ve worked with both administrators and providers to evaluate their potential financial opportunities should they decide to participate.

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