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February 5th, 2018

Health care systems across the country and currently evaluating participation in BPCI Advanced, CMS’ new voluntary bundled payment model available in 32 clinical episodes. As one of the few organizations with access to CMS data, Avant-garde Health is helping hospital leadership analyze their historic Medicare spending trends. With a clearer understanding of their post-acute care costs, these leaders are able to determine their potential for succeeding in a bundle. We are currently scheduling complimentary evaluations to facilitate completed applications by the March 12th deadline.

In our first webinar on January 31st, Avant-garde Health welcomed special guest and advisor Professor Robert Kaplan from Harvard Business School to explain the value of a bundled payment model such as BPCI Advanced. Contrasting the fee for service model that rewards volume, his discussion focused on how bundled payments reduce costs and ensure accountability by condition, and drive team-based multidisciplinary care. As a result, health systems are provided strong incentives to improve efficiency, but not at the expense of quality. Professor Kaplan further outlined the benefits for each stakeholder from patient to supplier.

Expanding upon that discussion, our second BPCI Advanced webinar is scheduled for Friday, February 9th from 12:30-1:30pm EST. Entitled “5 Steps for Optimizing BPCI Advanced”, this webinar will feature Derek Haas, Avant-garde Health CEO who founded the company based on value-based care research out of Harvard Business School. The Avant-garde Health team will highlight the steps necessary to not only get started with BPCI Advanced, but how to be successful in implementing the initiative. Our analysts will explain post-acute care costs per case and how to determine your health system’s financial potential based on benchmarked historic data. Please contact Joe Sirianni to schedule an individualized post-acute care opportunity evaluation.


Unlock the Data

March 22nd, 2018

In our next webinar, Lisa Wied, VP of Operations, will share the Gundersen Health System story. She will explain how access to Avant-garde Health analytics and the ability to share them with physicians helped drive improvement plans based on trusted, accurate, and actionable data.

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