Congratulations once more on your recognition as a 2024 Physician/Healthcare Research All-Star!

Below is a template to assist you in drafting a press release to announce your esteemed status as a Healthcare Research All-Star. Remember to substitute “[Specialty]” with the specific specialty corresponding to your All-Star recognition. If you wish to include your honored surgeons and their specialties, please contact us at

Healthcare Research All-Stars

Press Release Template

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Press Release Template


[Hospital] Honored as [Specialty] Healthcare Research All-Star

Award from Avant-garde Health goes to top 5% of hospitals, surgeons publishing leading-edge research

[City, State, Date] - Today [Hospital Name] announced its inclusion as a [Specialty] Research All-Star for 2024.

[Hospital executive quote here]

This honor recognizes the top 5% of hospitals and surgeons in the United States publishing leading-edge research in [Specialty] care, which ultimately leads to better patient outcomes. More than 90,000 physicians and 4,000 hospitals were considered for the awards, sponsored by Avant-garde Health, the leading provider of solutions for improving perioperative quality and profitability.

The All-Star surgeons honored at [Hospital Name] include:

  • [Hospital Name 1], [Specialty]
  • [Hospital Name 2], [Specialty]
  • [Hospital Name 3], [Specialty]

To determine the award winners, Avant-garde Health examined both the quantity and quality of research by surgeons and hospitals. The study methodology can be reviewed Here, as well as the Key Findings from the study.

"We are proud to honor [HOSPITAL NAME] in our inaugural list of [SPECIALTY] Research All-Stars for 2024.", said Derek Haas, CEO of Avant-garde Health. "Through extrodinary work in healthcare research [HOSPITAL NAME] is helping to set new standards for patient care, affirming that investments in medical research directly translateds into better patient outcomes"

This is the inaugural launch of the Healthcare Research All-Stars awards. The full study results can be reviewed Here .



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